Garden and Pest Controls...

This covers a very diverse range of products from a large range of suppliers "Try us for those odd items"
like Leathermans tools, Opinel and other knives, Felco pruners, Garden and Lawn products.

We stock a large range of Agricultral Chemicals and Spraying equipment, Pasture and Lawn Seed, Fertilisers and
many types of Pesticides- for many types of pests including rats and mice, rabbits, foxes, birds and insects
We cater for all sizes of properties from suburban blocks to smaller hobby farmers to
large contractor scale, with bulk quanties available

Also stocking water troughs, water pipe and fittings, a selected range of hardware fittings and
just about everything for your rural needs

Our Agsafe accredited, qualified and experienced staff are happy to help with advice and pricing your property needs

Only some of the many brands stocked....

Available in our Warehouse and Drive Thru..

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