Take a Step back in time...

Pakenham Produce Original Logo
Old Shop
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Peter at old shop
Old PPS Truck with hay
Family Hands

Pakenham Produce & Saddlery is a classic part of Pakenham’s history which saw a huge change in 2019, after 48 plus years of service Peter Van Diemen decided to hang up his boots to hand over the reins to his eldest daughter Kalinda as Managing Director along with Breanna his youngest daughter.

It was a huge change for the business and for Peter having been at helm since taking over the Bulk BP fuel and heating oil delivery service business from the Goldsac’s in 1972 . In 1973 Peter purchased the first Pakenham Produce store in Station St, where the Station Street Medical Clinic is now. 

Some may remember the old, old store! Peter ran the business from the first store for 10 years with a small amount of produce and a staff of about four. When the building just down the road at 62 Station St came up for sale in 1983 the business made move to its 2nd and much bigger premises. 

Peter continued to grow the business with help from Kalinda until the product range was bursting from the building along with the town of Pakenham bursting from it’s seams.


The opportunity presented itself and was quickly seized to construct a purpose-built premise on 3 acres of vacant land in Bald Hill Rd, close to the freeway with lots of room for future expansion construction got underway. 

The move was made in October 2008 to new building and the business forged ahead adapting to the ever-changing local area. Peter’s youngest daughter Breanna (Bree), a now qualified Horticulturalist, joined the team soon after the move and with Peter’s perceptive and insightful guidance the girls stepped into management roles and ‘Paky Produce’ continued to grow to what you see today. 

Currently operating with around 30 employee’s, processing approximately 300 sales a day and offering over 20,000 product lines, at 76 years young having devoted over half his life to the business it’s now time for Peter to take a little well deserved R&R.

Peter has seen many changes through the years and has continued to evolve and adapt to the ever changing local area,  “I can remember one customer driving a horse and cart through the drive thru– was a bit unusual and probably wouldn’t see that now!” he reminisces. 

Pakenham itself has changed much over the years growing from a small rural community where in early days Peter used to deliver heating oil to a dairy farm located where McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks & KFC sit today to a culturally diverse metro-fringe lifestyle community. Pakenham Produce has grown with the community and has always tried to keep true to the small town-community values Peter instilled in the business early on. Especially important now, with Peter looking to enjoy his retirement and the family continuing to run the business, is upholding those values and the service provided by Pakenham Produce to the local community. 

Peter has been dedicated & devoted in establishing and driving Pakenham Produce’s success paired with his generous efforts servicing the community he is a valued and respected member of our local community.